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Tuberculin Skin Testing
Cholestorol Screening
Hearing and Vision Screenings
CPR & First Aid Classes

Hearing and Vision Screening
  • Initial screening of scheduled students and re-screening, if necessary.
  • Parent contact and referral to community resources for students who did not pass screenings. This includes phone and/or written contact. Parents of students who are uninsured and unable to afford follow up with specialist, will be assisted in obtaining free or reduced cost services for follow up.
  • Final Narrative Report. Upon completion of screenings, the school will receive a final report narration of screening results of students who were referred for follow up with a specialist and the communication with the parent/guardian. The school in turn forwards this report to each teacher so they are aware of their student's specific results and follow up.
  • Required State Report. The required report will be completed and submitted to Arizona DHS. A copy of the report will be submitted to the school for their records. The Hearing report includes the two-month follow up of each child after referral.


For a full description of DHS Office of Women & Children's Health Sensory Program hearing and vision Laws and Recommendations, go to

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