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Tuberculin Skin Testing
Cholestorol Screening
Hearing and Vision Screenings
CPR & First Aid Classes


INK Fingerprinting

  • ALL STUDENTS (with valid student ID) - $17.00 - Ink Fingerprinting - $19.00 - Live Scan (temporarily unavailable)
  • ALL MILITARY (with valid military ID) - $17.00 - Ink Fingerprinting - $19.00 - Live Scan (temporarily unavailable)
  • ROLLED INK FINGERPRINTING - $20.00 ($10.00 each additional card per client)
  • LIVE SCAN FINGERPRINTING - $22.00 ($10.00 each additional card per client) (temporarily unavailable)
  • PASSPORT PHOTOS - $13.00 for two 2x2 pictures
Why Choose Ink and Roll over Live Scan?
Ink and Roll will always give a superior fingerprint when done by a skilled fingerprint technician. If you have worn ridges or poor quality prints, special re-tabs, techniques and creams can be used to enhance the quality of the prints. This cannot be done when using a live Scan machine. Skilled Ink and Roll Fingerprinting will produce Superior prints with far less rejects than Live Scan will.

Live Scan does not use ink and does not require a skilled operator. The machine will approve the fingerprints if they are classifiable. If you have worn ridges or poor quality prints the operator will have to force override the machine to accept your prints. The poor prints would then be rejected by DPS/FBI and you would need to retake them.

It is highly recommended that any person with worn/fine ridge detail should be fingerprinted using the ink-and-roll method. It is well understood that printer's ink is more effective for recording worn or very fine ridge detail than digital fingerprinting. This method is always available at CWSOA.

Our Services...
Providing high quality services to the Valley since 1996. No waiting in lines! No appointment needed! We carry the Standard Blank FD258 Cards. Please check with AZ DPS or your licensing agency regarding their processing fees and submittal fees. Please bring your required fingerprint card (and any required paperwork) with you. If you do not have a fingerprint card, we can provide the Standard FD258 card to you for an additional fee.

The quality of our printing is guaranteed. We provide high quality prints, always.

  • Printable LIVESCAN and Ink Fingerprinting
  • Fingerprinting is charged per card.
    (Discounts for more than one card per individual)
  • Mobile-Fingerprinting at your business (15 minimum)
  • No appointment necessary at any location.
  • Certified, Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.

Acceptable identification: driver's license, government issued ID, passport, or legal residence card
(Call for other forms of acceptable ID)


  • Adoptions / Foster Care
  • Board of Nursing & Healthcare
  • Teachers, and public / private / charter school employees and volunteers
  • All Financial / Banking / Securities / NASD
  • Preschools / Childcare / CPS / DES
  • Massage Therapists (ID photos also available)
  • Liquor licensing. We are on your approved list of locations.
  • College students and staff (Statewide and Nationwide)
  • Security Guards (ID photos also available)
  • Home Health / Hospice / Nursing Home (TB testing also available)
  • Many other agencies (not listed here) requiring fingerprinting
Useful Information...

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